Talent Incubation

Talent Incubation

Helping you learn fast, leverage guidance and excel

Talent incubation helps employees learn fast, obtain guidance and coaching from the best minds at Sasken. Through the talent incubation program, ideas can be patented; Sasken takes care of patenting cost. Currently Sasken has more than 70 patents. Every time an employee produces path breaking ideas and/or concepts, s/he gets recognition and monitory benefits apart from supporting the project roll out.

Forums for collaboration

Sasken has two forums where a wide range of knowledge sharing takes place: Eta and TEchByte. Besides encouraging communication and knowledge sharing, this helps reduce the learning cycle. Technical discussions, blog posts, suggestions, write ups on technology trends and designs are captured under TechByte. All process related discussion, blogs, suggestions, limitations, query, project experience, quality improvement are captured under Eta.

KenShare presents another opportunity for knowledge sharing; it captures case studies, best practices, test plan, test strategy, knowledge, skill, competency, library and white papers.

Sasken is open for taking forward any ideas suggested by employees. For this purpose two idea generation forums are made available to all. Ideas which have immediate business relevance can be presented under Quark. Responses to Quark are presented to a panel to evaluate and decide further action. Ideas which are futuristic and the ideas which doesn’t have immediate business relevance are captured under Seed Quark. Core technology teams evaluate these ideas and concepts and decide the course of action.