Date:  10 Feb 2024


Company:  Sasken Technologies Limited

Job Summary

• Person at this position has gained significant work experience to be able to apply their knowledge effectively and deliver results. Person at this position is also able to demonstrate the ability to analyse and interpret complex problems and improve change or adapt existing methods to solve the problem.
• Person at this position regularly interacts with interfacing groups / customer on technical issue clarification and resolves the issues. Also participates actively in important project/ work related activities and contributes towards identifying important issues and risks. Reaches out for guidance and advice to ensure high quality of deliverables.
• Person at this position consistently seek opportunities to enhance their existing skills, acquire more complex skills and work towards enhancing their proficiency level in their field of specialisation. 
• Works under limited supervision of Team Lead/ Project Manager.

Roles & Responsibilities

Responsible for design, coding, testing, bug fixing, documentation and technical support in the assigned area.
Responsible for on time delivery while adhering to quality and productivity goals. 
•  Responsible for adhering to guidelines and checklists for all deliverable reviews, sending status report to team lead and following relevant organizational processes.
• Responsible for customer collaboration and interactions and support to customer queries.
Expected to enhance technical capabilities by attending trainings, self-study and periodic technical assessments.
 Expected to participate in technical initiatives related to project and organization and deliver training as per plan and quality.

Education and Experience Required

Engineering graduate, MCA, etc Experience: 2-5 years

Competencies Description

Protocol Stack/Call Processing- RAN/CN engineer is one who has done one or more of the following with respect to Protocol Stack/CallP/Applications of different Radio Access Network or Core network technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G) - Design Bug Fixing/Sustenance Porting on top of Different Platforms

Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the following: Carrier Grade Middleware (User Level)  Linux / CG Linux, VxWorks

Technology Standard- 
Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the folowing: 2G/3G/4G/5G RAN or CN protocols as per 3GPP/ETSI standards, working on protocol/Call processing/OAM modules. Worked on layers from L2 and above.

Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the following: GDB ClearCase Wireshark Klocworks/Purify

Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the following: C/C++ Scripting(bash/perl/python/expect)

Specialization-2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, VSAT-SATCOM

Must to have Skills