Date:  5 Jul 2024


Company:  Sasken Technologies Limited

Job Summary

• Person at this position owns architecture/ design of a specific technology area or a sub-system, formulates new solution and ideas and produces new or original work.
• Person demonstrates the ability to justify a stand or decision supported by sound technical knowledge base in a specific technology area or a sub-system.
• Person is able to the represent the organization externally in detailed technical discussion with the customer with a high level of authority on technical matters in a specific technology area or a sub-system.
• Person leads projects which are of significant organisational profile and makes trade-off decisions to deliver solutions that both meet customer's technical requirements and timelines.  
• Person demonstrates the ability to analyse and interpret complex problems and improve, change or adapt existing methods to solve the problem.A

Roles & Responsibilities

• Responsible for ensuring that both functional and non-functional (e.g. performance, scalability, security) requirements will be met or exceeded 
• Responsible for providing Architecture/ high level design/ test strategy for the existing projects and new proposals for a specific technology area or a sub-system.
• Responsible for identification and evaluation of various tools, test languages or test methodologies and choosing the best ones for a specific technology area or a sub-system. 
• Responsible for participating in Customer interaction for major/critical change requests/new features, moderating the meetings and highlighting impact on schedule and effort.
• Responsible for reviewing Design Documents and code, Test coverage and its alignment with technical objectives.
• Responsible for leading the specification of complex customer requirements for a specific technology area or a sub-system. 
• Responsible for leading/ participating in technical reviews to ensure quality parameters are being met.
• Responsible for contribution to RFP/Documentation/complete responsibility for proposal relating to growth in existing accounts/effort estimation for new proposals.
• Expected to contribute to technical capability development of organisation through subject matter expertise.
• Expected to keep self-updated on trends, new developments, tools etc. in one's own area of expertise and proactively share the knowledge.

Education and Experience Required

Engineering graduate, MCA, etc Experience ; > 8 years

Competencies Description

"1. Digital Automation Engineer is experienced in designing and implementing engineering processes and automation across one or more phases of the DevOps based SDLC including Configuration management, Build & Release, Test Automation, Deployment, Infrastructure Automation and Continous Operations
2. Config Management specialist should be able to design, configure and implement version control, branching and configuration strategies using source code and version control systems like GIT, GitLab, BitBucket, SVN, CVS, Clearcase. 
3) Build Automation specialist should be experienced in implementing Continuous integration and Build Automation tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, ANT, Maven, Gradle. 
4) Test Automation Specialist is experienced in design & autnoring of Test Automation scripts, Test planning and Test case execution across Mobile, Web, Cross platform, Web Services, Micro Services, Platform and Infrastrcuture. He should be proficient in different types of Test Automation including Black box, White Box, Functional, Performance, UI, Security and Regression testing. He should also be experienced in usage of BDD frameworks and Device Test cloud like Sauce Labs, Xamarin Test Cloud.
5) Deployment Specialist should be able to plan and manage the release management stratgies, manage package artifactories, manage AMIs, deploy application and service packages across cloud and containers based infrastructure
6) Infrastructure Automation Specialist should be experienced in design and implemention of a programmable infrastructrue on virtualized and cloud based infrastructure and should be able to implement IaaS, Configuration management, Container management, Environment management across multiple cloud and virtualization provider platforms.
7) Continuous Operations specialist should be experienced in design, implement and operation of a elastic infrastructure, manage and monitor application and services, design failover scenarios, manage scalability and SLAs, design monitoring dashboards and operate production workloads and infrastructure across virtualized infrastructure and cloud."

Linux, Windows, Android, IoS, VMWare, OpenStack, HyperV

Technology Standard- AWS, Azure, RESTful APIs, Behavioral Driven Development,  SOAP, Test Driven Development, Microservices patterns, Service Mesh, Cloud formation templates

"1. Config Management Tools -  GIT, GitLab, Bit ucket, SVN, Clearcase, Perforce Build Tools   
2. Buidl tools including GNU Make, NMake, ANT, Ivy, Maven, SBT, Gradle 
3. CI Tools -  Jenkins, Bamboo, CircleCI, AWS DevOps tools, Azure DevOps
4.  Requirement management : Bugzilla, Jira  
5. Code Review - Gerrit, GitLab, ReviewBoard  
6. Containers - Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Azure Container Service, Azue Kubernete service
7. Configuration Management  - Ansible, Chef, Puppet  
8. Cloud native Devops services for AWS and Azure   
9.  Infrastructure automation based on CloudFormation, ARM templates
10. Appium, Visual Studio App Center (Xamarin Test cloud), SauceLabs
11. Selenium, Black Duck, SOAP UI, Protractor, Karma, JMeter, LoadRunner, Junit, NUnit, Nagios
12. Dashboarding tools like Promethues, ELK stack, Grafana"

"1. Scripting Languages - Perl, Python, Groovy, Shell script, PowerShell, Yaml, Ansible
2. Visual Studio App Center/Xamarin -C#, Cucumber/Calabash with scripting language,
3. Java, Python for Appium
4. Java, Python for Sauce Labs
5. XML"


Must to have Skills