Date:  10 Feb 2024


Company:  Sasken Technologies Limited

Job Summary

• Person at this position takes ownership of a module and associated quality and delivery. Person at this position provides instructions, guidance and advice to team members to ensure quality and on time delivery.
• Person at this position is expected to be able to instruct and review the quality of work done by technical staff.
• Person at this position should be able to identify key issues and challenges by themselves, prioritize the tasks and deliver results with minimal direction and supervision.
• Person at this position has the ability to investigate the root cause of the problem and come up alternatives/ solutions based on sound technical foundation gained through in-depth knowledge of technology, standards, tools and processes.
• Person has the ability to organize and draw connections among ideas and distinguish between those which are implementable.
• Person demonstrates a degree of flexibility in resolving problems/ issues that atleast to in-depth command of all techniques, processes, tools and standards within the relevant field of specialisation.

Roles & Responsibilities

• Responsible for requirement analysis and feasibility study including system level work estimation while considering risk identification and mitigation.  
• Responsible for design, coding, testing, bug fixing, documentation and technical support in the assigned area. Responsible for on time delivery while adhering to quality and productivity goals.
• Responsible for traceability of the requirements from design to delivery Code optimization and coverage.
• Responsible for conducting reviews, identifying risks and ownership of quality of deliverables.
• Responsible for identifying training needs of the team.
• Expected to enhance technical capabilities by attending trainings, self-study and periodic technical assessments. 
• Expected to participate in technical initiatives related to project and organization and deliver training as per plan and quality.
• Expected to be a technical mentor for junior members.
• Person may be given additional responsibility of managing people based on discretion of Project Manager.

Education and Experience Required

Engineering graduate, MCA, etc Experience: 5-8 years

Competencies Description

Protocol Stack/Call Processing- RAN/CN engineer is one who has done one or more of the following with respect to Protocol Stack/CallP/Applications of different Radio Access Network or Core network technologies (2G/3G/4G/5G) - Design Bug Fixing/Sustenance Porting on top of Different Platforms

Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the following: Carrier Grade Middleware (User Level)  Linux / CG Linux, VxWorks

Technology Standard- 
Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the folowing: 2G/3G/4G/5G RAN or CN protocols as per 3GPP/ETSI standards, working on protocol/Call processing/OAM modules. Worked on layers from L2 and above.

Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the following: GDB ClearCase Wireshark Klocworks/Purify

Mandatory to have worked on one or more of the following: C/C++ Scripting(bash/perl/python/expect)

Specialization-2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, VSAT-SATCOM

Must to have Skills