Date:  29-Jul-2022


Company:  Sasken Technologies Limited

Job Summary

• Person at this position takes ownership of a module and associated quality and delivery. Person at this position provides instructions, guidance and advice to team members to ensure quality and on time delivery.
• Person at this position is expected to be able to instruct and review the quality of work done by technical staff.
• Person at this position should be able to identify key issues and challenges by themselves, prioritize the tasks and deliver results with minimal direction and supervision.
• Person at this position has the ability to investigate the root cause of the problem and come up alternatives/ solutions based on sound technical foundation gained through in-depth knowledge of technology, standards, tools and processes.
• Person has the ability to organize and draw connections among ideas and distinguish between those which are implementable.
• Person demonstrates a degree of flexibility in resolving problems/ issues that atleast to in-depth command of all techniques, processes, tools and standards within the relevant field of specialisation.

Roles & Responsibilities

• Responsible for requirement analysis and feasibility study including system level work estimation while considering risk identification and mitigation.  
• Responsible for design, coding, testing, bug fixing, documentation and technical support in the assigned area. Responsible for on time delivery while adhering to quality and productivity goals.
• Responsible for traceability of the requirements from design to delivery Code optimization and coverage.
• Responsible for conducting reviews, identifying risks and ownership of quality of deliverables.
• Responsible for identifying training needs of the team.
• Expected to enhance technical capabilities by attending trainings, self-study and periodic technical assessments. 
• Expected to participate in technical initiatives related to project and organization and deliver training as per plan and quality.
• Expected to be a technical mentor for junior members.
• Person may be given additional responsibility of managing people based on discretion of Project Manager.

Education and Experience Required

Engineering graduate, MCA, etc Experience: 5-8 years

Competencies Description

"Enterprise  Applications:  
a. Architecture & Design (Modellling and diagrams)
b. Development/ Customization 
c. Unit Testing 
d. Bug Fixing/ Sustenance
e. Deployment 
f. Troubleshooting and Debugging Issues
g. Performance  Analysis
h. Data Modelling
i. Microservices Design Patterns, Microservices  Deployment
j. Coding Standards 
h. API Design and Documentation - including Pagination , security, Design First documentation, Code First documentaiton for API
i. ORM implementations and optimizations
j. Devops - basic scripting and Powershell
k. Caching using native as well as with Redis
l. Disaster Recovery and High Availability design
m. Scalability and availability of applicaitons
n. Application Security and Methodologies
o. Application packaging
p. Responsive Applicaitons Development
q. Understanding of Databases - SQL, NoSQL, Columnar, Document etc

Familiar with and exposure to implementation : a. All three 3-tiers of application design and development including front-end, business logic and data access layers. Exposure to working in Agile model.

.net Specialization:  
*  Windows/Web Applications with .net framework and .net Core. 
*  Microservices using .net 
*  ASP .net
*  Web API
*  Entity Framework Core 3.0, EF
*  Azure 
*  Azure Devops
*  UI using WPF/Winform , Angular or React

OpenSource Specialization:
 a. Java Enterprise Edition
 b. Java/J2EE Application Framework 
c. Java database access 
d. Java web services 
e. Security frameworks 
f. Unit testing framework 
h. AWS/Azure/GCP familiarity - Exposure to Openstack is useful as well.
i. OpenSource frameworks like: Angular, Bootstrap, Springboot, Spark, Kafka, Kubernetes, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Spring MVC, gradle, Ant , Maven etc...
j. Mulesoft, JBOSS, grunt, NGINX
k. Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL

".net Specialization:
* Windows, .net Platform, .net Core 3.x
* Angular/React

Opensource Specialization:
 •JDK, Java (1.6 & above), Windows/Linux 
•Cloud platforms (AWS/AZURE/Google) - Openstack exposure alo is useful.
 •Server side scripting (Python, PHP, Ruby & Rails, NodeJS) 
 •Full Stack platforms - LAMP, MEAN  "

Technology Standard- 
".net Specialization:
*  WPF, WCF, XML, SOAP, REST, Web Services, .net Core 3.x, ASP.net, Web API, Windwows Azure, Azure Devops,  ARM templates, Devops, Oracle, SQL Server 20xx, SQl Analytics, SQL BI stack basic understanding
* Database (SQL, NOSQL, Columnar)
* Middleware ( JMS, ESB, Integration) -- Biztalk or any other EAI tool  
* Nunit, MStest, NCover, Nsubstiture
* Messaging MOM and Asynchronous processing
* Security

OpenSource Specialization:
* Java, Spring, SprintBoot, Spring Cloud, J2EE, Mongo DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
*Database (SQL, NOSQL, Columnar)
* Middleware ( JMS, ESB, Integration) 
* Enterprise Java Beans 
* Junit/TestNG                         
* Security 
* Messaging MOM and Asynchronous processing"