Date:  22-May-2023


Company:  Sasken Technologies Limited

Job Summary

• Person at this position is able to apply broad knowledge of their technical discipline or advanced knowledge of specific technical practices.
• Person identifies problems in existing systems and modifies it by following defined work procedures.
• Operationally oriented role responsible for achieving day to day defined tasks.
• Works under close supervision of Team Lead/ Project Manager.

Roles & Responsibilities

• Responsible for design, coding, testing, bug fixing, documentation and technical support in the assigned area. Responsible for on time delivery while adhering to quality and productivity goals.
• Responsible for adhering to guidelines and checklists for all deliverable reviews, sending status report to team lead and following relevant organizational processes.
• Expected to enhance technical capabilities by attending trainings, self-study and periodic technical assessments. 

Education and Experience Required

Engineering graduate, MCA, etc
Experience: 0-2 years

Competencies Description

Protocol Stack - Modem engineer is one who designs, develops and maintains different protocol layers (Layer 2 and above) in the 2G, 3G, TDS, LTE technologies. Typically the work is done on ARM based Linux or RTOS platforms using C/C++ language.

Platforms- Linux host
Customer or proprietary boards and formfactors

Technology Standard- 3GPP specifications

Compiler/linker tool chain
Trace analysis, core dump tools.
CM tools [Clear case, GIT, CVS, SVN etc..]
 Network Test instruments (call box)
JTAG debugging


Specialization-  2G/3G-NAS/L4, 4G-NAS/L4, 5G-NAS/L4, VSAT-SATCOM-NAS/L4, 2G-L2/L3, 3G-L2/L3, 4G-L2/L3, 5G-L2/L3, VSAT-SATCOM-L2/L3