In-Store Experience

In-Store Experience

In order to provide personalized in-store services to customers, the sales associates need to be equipping to identify and intelligently engage with them. It has also become essential for brands to connect with their customers in all stages of the buying process. While they need to fight counterfeiting of their products, they also need to ensure customer stickiness.

  • Clienteling App for Store Associates

    Sasken’s in-store mobility solution enables store associates to gain detailed insights into the preferences and personalities of different customers which will help them cross-sell and up-sell successfully.

    • Helps the associate to make an effective presentation to the shopper. Provides product details, reviews, hotspots, videos, look books, search and product filter features
    • Enables personalized selling to shopper through usage of customer segmentation (RFM segmentation) techniques and classifying customers. Supports black-book and buying guide
    • Supports recommender system to identify complementary products, products that are bought together, product comparison, recommend promotion and loyalty offers for effective upsell and cross-sell
    • Integrates with iBeacons to identify customers who walk-in to the stores
    • Enables store associates to build personal relationships with customers, develop customer insights with clienteling thus contributing to increased revenue in stores
  • Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS)

    Studies have shown that the exit wait in a retail store is the most frustrating for the consumer. Retailers have long since eased this wait time via express check-outs, self-checkout kiosks, etc. Sasken’s mPOS application brings mobility to the POS in stores and helps the store associate to:

    • Do quick billing as they can use this application as a lite version of POS
    • Handle discount scenarios
    • Use barcode readers to scan items quickly
    • Search products
    • Print receipts/bills

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