Item Level Intelligence

Item Level Intelligence

Today, retailers need to maintain the highest level of inventory visibility to meet the shopper’s ever-increasing demands, lift sales, and improve gross margins.

Sasken’s in-store analytics solution helps retailers with real-time merchandize visibility and buyer behavior analytics. The solutions enable item level intelligence through smart tags, and leverages this information stream to analyze buyer behavior, customer dwell time/footprint in the store and helps the retailer to optimize the layout. The solution aims to improve sales at non-discounted pricing levels by using in-store consideration/conversion analytics to optimize in-store placement.

  • Objects
    • RFID/NFC Technology Selection – HF, UHF & LF
    • Tag & Reader Selection
    • Gateways Integration by working with Semiconductor vendors
  • Connectivity
    • Short-range (RFID)
  • Platforms & Data
    • Micro-services enablement
    • Platform Selection and Extensions development 
    • Analytics platform for Consideration vs conversion analytics
  • Applications & Processes
    • Mobile Applications for Stock Taking & Refill
    • Platform Implementation for retailers
    • Workflow definition & implementation
    • Brand Specific App Development

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