Sasken Culture

Sasken Culture

Sasken Innovation – At Sasken you get to challenge yourself, evolve and aspire and work with the world’s best brands manufacturing Shoes to Satellite. Creating cutting edge technology solution to solve business problems is in our DNA. For 27 years we have held our position as a leader in product engineering and changing our customers’ business with digital transformation. Innovation, customer centricity and excellence are reflected in everything we deliver.

Our innovative, employee-oriented human resources practices have resulted in HRD Excellence Award from the National Human Resource Development (NHRD) Programme. 

Sasken Culture – Sasken is a big happy family working together towards achieving excellence in everything. With the ever changing technology work-place, we incorporate fun in everything we do. Come and experience our work environment which is stimulating, yielding and filled with positive energy.

Sasken’s DNA – Solving challenging business problems and developing the next gen products for the greatest brands in the world.

Nurturing Embedded Excellence – Nurturing and growing our core engineering skills is of paramount importance to us.

Tolerance to Failure creating the innovation culture - Learning that is oriented towards problem-solving and rooted in R&D

What makes Sasken a right choice for YOU!

  • Open communication
  • Well defined Rewards and Recognition
  • Off sites
  • Employee engagement team to cater to every need of employees
  • Succession planning and leadership development for high potential leaders
  • Leadership development programs & Executive coaching for key leaders
  • Knowledge sharing and Talent incubation forums - Eta and TEchByte
  • Increased frequency of Skip Level meetings to strengthen manager- team relationships
  • Focus on frequency and quality of Team Building initiatives.
  • 360-degree feedback
  • Collaboration between cross functional teams and leaders KenShare to capture case studies, best practices, skill, competency and many more